Monday, May 4, 2009

Rescued Dragon Eggs

Thousands of years ago, people and dragons lived together peacefully. But people started to gather in villages and in cities and the dragons were too big to join them. The dragons started to disappear into the mountains and the deserts. The farther away the dragons got, the fewer humans saw them and pretty soon, people forgot that dragons existed. Dragons disappeared from memory, but they still existed. Dragons would sometimes show themselves to little children because children would believe in them!
Not too long ago, Lady Mugsy, while hunting for magic faery’s in the woods near her home, found a dragon nest! But the momma dragon was gone and coyotes were stealing the eggs for their babies! Lady Mugsy was sad that the coyotes were damaging such precious eggs so she rescued them and made special nesting boxes for the eggs. Now she is looking for children who still believe in dragons, who will help her keep the dragon eggs safe and warm while the eggs get ready to hatch. Dragon eggs take hundreds of years to incubate, so this will be a lifelong job! If you believe in dragons please adopt a dragon egg. Keep it safe in a room that is filled with belief and love. You will have to pass this precious package down to your own children and grandchildren before the egg is ready to hatch.
Keep your dragon egg warm and make sure to take it out of its nest carefully once a week to give it love. You will need to tell it you believe so the baby dragon knows it is safe. Take care not to drop your dragon egg, or you will have to scramble it for breakfast and that would eliminate one more dragon from the face of the earth! (And probably won’t taste very good either!)

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